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The WIO-6WP is an IP based wireless controller mounted in a NEMA 4 enclosure, capable of monitoring and controlling On/Off and 0-10 volt controllers.  Typical applications include fluorescent and LED lighting as well as HVAC actuators.



Power:   24 volts / 60 Hz

Radio:  2.4 GHz, IEEE802.15.4

Range:  Up to 1000' Range

Antenna:  RPSMA Connector, 2.4 GHz gain

Security:  128-bit AES Encryption

Outputs:  (2) 2 - Amp Relay outputs

                (2) 0-10 dimming output (Class 2)

                    capable of sinking 10mA


Inputs:  (2) Universal (daylight, temperature,

                   resistance, voltage, current)

             (2) Binary (On/Off)


Other:  Real Time Clock


Compliant wIth FCC part 15, ETSI ETS 300-328 and Japan ARIB STD-T66


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