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The T-Star 245 InferStack™ Platform meets many Internet of Things Application requirements. It is an ANSI C12 certified tariff meter for both pulse inputs and with a Modbus® RTU connected Veris CT package and the ability to connect to Building Automation Systems make this a good fit for metering, monitoring, Automated Demand Response and Analytics.


Ethernet LAN and WAN connect to plant over BACnet™ IP and Mobus® TCP and to enterprise servers with oBiX and Haystack protocols. 3G modem GSM or CDMA is optional. RS-485 serial connection supports BACnet™ MSTP and Mobus® RTU.


The T-Star 245 InferStack™ Platform is part of a comprehensive range of Hardware, Software and Connection Services that enable Service Providers to deliver the benefits of the Internet of Things to Intelligent Buildings, Equipment and Smart Devices.


InferStack™ provides elegant, simple to design Visualization of real-time and historical data with Graphics and Dashboards, the powerful B-Line Control Engine, custom Reporting, simple and effective Alarm and Event Handling and optional industry leading on-board Analytics.


The Platform is used for many Applications including: •Energy Monitoring and Analysis

•Building and Plant Fault Detection and Diagnosis

•Plant Control and Optimization

•Smart Grid and Automatic Demand Response


InferStack™ incorporates the Project Haystack standard for Data Modeling.


A built in Wi-Fi Access Point allows Mobile Devices to Communicate with the T-Star 245 Platform for ease of set up commissioning and all visualization.




-TI ARM Cortex™ – A8 Cortex processor operating @ 600 MHz

-512 MB DDR3 RAM

-8 GB Micro SD Flash for system and application data backup

-Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for security

-2 10/100 MBit Ethernet port

-Wi-Fi for data and user interface connectivity

-Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

-One USB 2.0 port

-Two digital inputs for pulse counting

-Up to 50Hz pulses at 50% duty cycle

-1 RS-232 port: DB9 male connector

-1 RS-485 port: 3 point terminal

-Optional onboard 3G modem, CDMA or GSM

-Power – 15 volts DC from included wall power module

-Rechargeable internal battery backup

-Multiple Mounting Options – Desk, Wall or Enclosure

-Environmental – Operating range 0 – 50 Degrees C
   (32 – 122 Deg. F) Humidity 0 -90% RH non-condensing

-ANSI C12 Certification


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